Amy Grace

IMG_1863editAmy is a NASM certified personal trainer from London, England, where she has been working for one of the biggest health club chains in the the UK for the last 4 years, finishing her time in the UK as a ‘Heath & Fitness Manager’.

Amy decided to return to make personal training her main priority, as she missed the close connection with clients, watching them develop in health and fitness and being a significant part of their journey.

Moving in ways unimagined, feeling stronger than you ever have before and more alive in your daily life are just some of the benefits that functional training has to offer, which is a big focus in Amy’s training with clients. Twist, turn, squat, bend, push and pull, all movements that you do every day without realizing this time as a workout that will help toward your goals!

Amy has experience with helping brides and grooms get in shape for the biggest day of their life; their wedding day and has a passion for helping mom’s become more energized for their children, strengthening their bodies to prepare for daily challenges and be the hot mom in the playground!

Dedication and commitment to achieve each and every client’s goal is something that Amy promises to provide and is ready to empower you to change your lifestyle through health, fitness and nutrition with some fun in between!

Other qualifications:

-NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist

-Lifetime Group Cycling Instructor

-Les Mills Body Pump Instructor

-BeachBody Insanity Live! Instructor