Corey Harman

Corey Harman, Personal Trainer/Group Fitness Instructor


I have been an ISSA certified personal trainer since 2012. I hold a degree in Exercise Science from Sinclair Community College and a Sports Nutrition Certification through ISSA. I have a passion for crossfit and more specifically the Olympic lifting movements so I recently obtained my Catalyst Athletics Level 1 certification to become an Olympic Weightlifting Coach. I  played sports most my life and have a passion for fitness. After joining the military in 2006, it became more relevant the passion for fitness. That is were I was introduced to Crossfit and Olympic Weightlifting. I began my certification process while still active duty. This is where I began helping fellow soldiers that were out of shape or not fit for duty to get healthy. Once I was Honorably discharged from the military I decided to get My degree in Exercise Science. This is where Absolute Fitness and I crossed paths. Since 2013, I have been a trainer with Absolute Fitness. I have a wide range of clientele from Cerebral Palsy to former collegiate athletes. I believe we are more capable than we realize and that carries over to my clients.

Contact Email: [email protected]