Absolute Fitness Personal Training Center is located at 2537 Wilmington Pike in Kettering directly across from SISCA Pet Adoption Center. Our facility is a 6300 square foot, private key code accessed training facility which is only open to our clientele. We do not sell memberships to the general

public. By eliminating memberships we’ve created a non-intimidating, supportive atmosphere where the focus is on our clientele. Our facility is open to our clientele to use just like a membership gym during our open gym times. ¬†Click on pictures for a larger view.¬†

We are happy to be named as a Hammer Strength Official Training Center. Hammer Strength equipment has been tested over the past 30 years as some of the finest equipment that facilities can offer their members and clientele. As always, we provide our clients with only the best training equipment that the market has to offer to give them the best training and workout experience possible.