Get Fit University

A Better Way to Train. A Better You.

Do you feel lost when you go to your gym? Maybe you are the person who goes to the gym, starts the treadmill or elliptical (because you know how to hit the quick start button). Then you go into the weight room with no idea how to properly use basic weight machines or even which exercises are the best to help you obtain your goals? Sadly, this is about 80% of the consultations we see. This is also how the large box gyms and franchises make money. Sign you up, not teach you anything about fitness, let you get frustrated, stop coming, and continue to bill you monthly for a membership you aren’t using. Sound familiar?

Get Fit University is a series of progressive workout courses designed to help get people in shape and educate them. As the old saying goes, “Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.” Myself and my team of experienced trainers are in agreement that the fitness industry has failed the public. We have come together as a team to design these courses to teach people the fundamentals of exercise, proper form, fitness equipment set-up, and how to design their own workouts. All of our courses and programs are taught in our state of the art, private training facility. We have designed our facility much like a fitness classroom. Providing you the best equipment that the fitness industry has to offer in a non-intimidating atmosphere.

As Get Fit University continues to evolve, we will continue to add courses covering modalities and fitness topics that you want to lean about. Helping you achieve the best version of yourself possible.

If you are one of the many people caught in this cycle that the fitness industry has created, we urge you to finally break the cycle and invest in yourself. Let us help you achieve the results you are seeking by educating you how to create a healthy lifestyle that will yield results for a lifetime.

Mike Moorman

The Courses:

Our 8 week signature course designed to teach beginners the fundamentals of nutrition and exercise.

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Our intermediate 4 week course designed to teach more advanced strength training exercises and program design.

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Our Signature nutrition course designed to further teach balanced nutrition.

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