Get Fit 101

Do you feel lost when you go to your gym? Maybe you are the person who goes to the gym, starts the treadmill or elliptical (because you know how to hit the quick start button). Then you go into the weight room with no idea how to properly use basic weight machines or even which exercises are the best to help you obtain your goals? Sadly, this is about 80% of the consultations we see. This is also how the large box gyms and franchises make money. Sign you up, not teach you anything about fitness, let you get frustrated, stop coming, and continue to bill you monthly for a membership you aren’t using. Sound familiar?

Get Fit 101 was designed to help people break this cycle. This 8 week workout course will teach you the fundamentals of basic fitness giving you a solid foundation to help you evolve in your workouts and fitness education. This course will allow you to finally learn how to use the equipment in your gym allowing you to feel confident that your workouts will yield the results you seek.

What Course includes:

  • Course materials (Program packet covering 8 week workout program)
  • (8) 60 Minute one on one Personal Training Sessions
  • Workout Log Book
  • (2) Bod Pod Tests (Initial Evaluation and Post Program Evaluation)
  • Nutritional Consultation
  • Access to facility, 7 days a week during entire program
  • Get Fit University T-shirt

Course Cost – $480

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