Mike Moorman


2014 Best of Dayton – Personal Trainer

Mike Moorman, Owner and Founder


After discovering his passion for fitness in his early teen years, Mike Moorman began his personal training career in 1996 when he completed his first training certification. After completing certification, Mike spent 4 years working for various gyms in the Dayton area but quickly became frustrated with the lack of customer service at these large gym chains, not only from the sales staff but also from the personal trainers. Recognizing that there was a market in the fitness industry for smaller clubs that didn’t bully members into contracts but focused instead on one-on-one attention with clients, Mike decided to open his own private training facility. Absolute Fitness Personal Training Center opened at its first location in 2001 as a 1200-square-foot studio and has expanded four times over the past thirteen years. Today Absolute Fitness is operating in a new location on Wilmington Pike in a 6300-square-foot private training center complete with cardio equipment, machines, free weights, and areas for boot camp classes and interval training.

In his 20-year career, Mike has worked with over 700 clients ranging from beginners to professional athletes. Since opening his new facility, Mike has brought new trainers onto the staff to help support his growing customer base. As a private facility, Mike and his trainers have the flexibility to provide personalized attention and customized training plans for all their clients, something large gym chains just can’t provide. Members of Absolute Fitness feel a very personal connection with Mike and enjoy working with him to advance their fitness goals, whatever they may be. Absolute Fitness is not just a place to exercise- it’s also a place to form friendships with a welcoming support group of clients, trainers, and health enthusiasts. This environment of mutual support and encouragement is a testimony to Mike’s positive attitude, unparalleled talent, and dedication to his clients. Mike is currently certified with the ISSA in personal training.

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